Janet Wilson Meets the queen

a black comedy about political apathy for four actors

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Janet Wilson Meets the Queen is a black comedy about political apathy. The first act is set in Vancouver, 1969, when the political landscape is changing quickly and drastically. The central character of Janet is a mother who holds great faith in the British Monarchy, their traditions and history.  She lives with her teenaged daughter, Lilibet, and her aging and cranky mother, Granny and husband Jim. Janet is valiantly trying to hold together her dysfunctional family.  When Robbie, her nephew from San Francisco, arrives on her doorstep,  looking for refuge from the Vietnam War Draft, Janet feels compelled to convince Robbie to return home to face his responsibilities.  The second act moves forward to 1971 as Janet is looking forward to a Royal Visit to Vancouver by Queen Elizabeth.  While Janet’s family is irrevocably affected by the changing political landscape, she struggles for her equilibrium, attempting to hold on to a world that refuses to stay still. Janet Wilson is a woman who is afraid of change as the world changes rapidly around her. First produced by GCTC in Ottawa.

Nominated for Prix Rideau award for best new creation.

“Cooper does a great job here illustrating just how difficult it can be for women, in particular though not exclusively, to navigate and define themselves in society…thought provoking.”