The Eyes of Heaven

Cooper’s lovely homage to a place very much like Blyth is about many things. It’s about family and community, about fitting in and feeling alone, about finding one’s own path amid the rocks and boulders of life. It’s about life and death and the circle of love that connects both, here and now and forever.
Robert Reid, the Kitchener Waterloo Record

Late night, on a lonely country road,  fifteen year old Eloise Bernhardt has an extraordinary encounter with something beyond her comprehension. What she sees changes her life forever. This is a story  of a mother and her teenage daughter who have lost their way,  and how they are fighting their way back to loving each other.   It is a story that questions what we believe in, examines how we judge each other and asks the universal question;  “What is out there, beyond the stars?”  First produced at The Blyth Festival 2007, director Gina Wilkinson.  Published by Scirocco Drama  3F/1M