If Truth Be Told

"A compelling, well-reasoned play about censorship, book banning and the freedom to read what you want."

The Slotkin Letter


If Truth Be Told is a fictional response to cases of censorship in the late 1970s when Christian groups and concerned parents attempted to ban books by Alice Munro (Lives of Girls and Women) and Margaret Laurence (The Diviners) from being taught in Ontario high schools. The story follows the celebrated writer Peg Dunlop as she returns to her hometown of Wayford to face a community that doesn’t appreciate the stories she writes, stories that seem to reveal secrets and truths about their own lives. If Truth Be Told is about the power of words, both spoken and written; how are stories told; what words do we use to fight for what we believe in; how do we coexist when we have opposing views?  Five actors. First produced by The Blyth Festival.